Wow. What an amazing day one.

Wow. What a day. Try this one on for size:

Sunday morning we were talking to friends of ours after Sunday School about the Lord’s urging us to move forward on a vision trip, even though we couldn’t personally afford it. They are two years ahead of us on their journey to become missionaries and they are sympathetic (and amazing mentors) for where we are in our journey. Today, Karie had lunch with our friend. They had just received their tax return check and each year they tithe a portion to a special cause. She handed over an envelope. When Karie got home she opened it and it had a generous gift. Fast forward three hours to step one in getting our trip to come together: renewing our passports. We went to the Post Office, sent our paper work and wrote a check for the amount we needed to renew – the exact amount amount of the gift to the penny.

God is so good.

Can’t make that stuff up.

What will you show me tomorrow Lord?


Hello out there

I’ve created this blog as a way to update our friends, family and ministry partners on the progress of our family’s call to Africa.  Our next step is to travel to the continent on a vision trip which we are planning to take this summer.  Here we go…..