Do you drink coffee?

Of course you do!  BMW has partnered with Twin Valley Coffee to support missionaries through the purchase of delicious coffee through  Lots of flavors are available in single serve cups, ground bean, whole bean or frac pacs.  100% of profits go to missions.  Connect your order to our family and 50% of the profits go into our account.  The other 50% supports the Indonesia Project in spreading the gospel and through community development.  There’s a contest going on all year and the top five missionary families gaining the most support will receive an additional donation bonus.  So drink up!


As September comes to a close, we expect to be at 16% of our monthly need.  This doesn’t include several other churches and individuals that have verbally pledged support that should be coming in over the next several months.  We praise the Lord for these first supporters!  I treasure and echo Paul’s message to the Philippians from 4:17 – Not because I desire a gift, but I desire fruit that might abound to your account.  Hopefully we can keep clipping at a 16%/month pace and 6 months from now, we can be packing our bags!

Now that we are really underway, our intention is to keep people who visit this website up to date on this ministry.  I’m still trying to figure out how to post pictures better.  I’ll get there.