The Lord’s lovingkindness towards us

I was overwhelmed this morning about the Lord’s lovingkindness towards our family.  Psalm 36:7 says, “How excellent is thy lovingkindness, O God! therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings.”  God is so good to us.  As October closes, we can see what an amazing month it was.  God has opened numerous doors for us to present this ministry and people are responding to partner with us.  We are now at 22% of our monthly support and numerous one-time gifts were received this month, praise the Lord!  The wonderful support of our sending church continued as we attended our first missions conference.  Opportunities to present the gospel continue to be placed before Karie and me in our community and I ask that you pray for conversions as our witness continues.  November looks to continue to be a busy month.

There have been several special gifts that have occurred as well, amazing things the Lord has worked out on our behalf.  God cares about the details in our lives!  He hears our prayers.  We know that He cares for us.

South Africa is on the horizon!  How exciting!  We were encouraged to meet for the first time in person, Dave and Julie Rudolph, leaders of the church planting team in Knysna, RSA.  They have a wonderful testimony of service for 30 years in South Africa and have laid out a vision to reach Knysna for Christ over the next 15 years.  Visit our video page for a great 5-minute video that gives a snippet for where and why we are going.  Our families gelled quickly and we look forward to laboring with them and the gathered team on account of the gospel.


Psalm 117:2 – For his merciful kindness is great towards us: and the truth of the Lord endureth forever.  Praise ye the Lord.