Summer closing

Wow.  What an amazing summer.  I hope everyone has received our latest prayer letter, and if you haven’t, please go the the “Prayer Letter” page on this site and click for the latest.  There continues to be moments of frustration, but our busy summer left me more than encouraged.  First, we met so many wonderful people and visited so many wonderful churches who covered us in prayer and encouragement.  Second, we slowed down enough to realize the ministry opportunities we have in front of us every day and every stop and we focused on getting the gospel message our wherever we may have been.  Similarly, we realized that deputation is an opportunity to continue to be ministered to, as each visit adds new perspective in our walks and ministry.

We press on, looking to raise the support we need and we’re excited by the full schedule in front of us.  You can always keep tabs on that in the “Calendar” link above.  We are gaining momentum, passing 40% of our monthly financial need and we’re praying that it only continue to accelerate in the next several months.

Keep praying!


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