Looking back on an amazing 2016

Going into this year, frankly, there was an apprehension.  We knew we had the call and the responsibility to travel to present how the Lord is calling us to missions, but we had no idea what to expect and so, so many questions.  How are the kids going to react?  Where are we going to stay?  How are we going to afford this?  How are we going to juggle EVERYTHING!  Suffice to say, we serve an AWESOME GOD.  Jehovah-Jireh provided for us at every step and we truly felt peace.

We met so many wonderful people who opened up their homes to us and shared meals with us.  People were not only kind, but generous.  The experience of a friendly handshake, coupled with a $20 bill is humbling and funny and wonderful and sweet and lots of other words I can’t think of!  We grew in our own walks in the Lord, having to rely so acutely on Him in this journey, and we are thankful to have been used of the Lord to encourage and to present the gospel!  Our family grew closer in many ways.  14,000 miles and several flights can do that!  But in between few moments of friction and frustration were mostly wonderfully sweet ones, seeing new places and faces.  WE JUST HAD SUCH A GREAT YEAR!

Hopefully 2017 brings pictures and news of packing and flying and beginning ministry!  Please continue to pray for us as we work towards that end!